A solution that helps NGOs get more donors in a simpler and faster way.


NGO SMS makes it easy for people to donate while on the go. NGOs can create mutual communication by sending thank you messages and thus better retain donors.

SMS Inbound

Donors can support your organization by phone by sending a short text message to a 4-digit number.

Example: Send text message “SUPPORT” to 1111. Your organization will immediately receive a donation of, for example, DKK 100.

SMS Outbound / Bulk SMS

With this feature, your organization can send multiple messages at once. You choose the text and the link that you want your donors to receive.

It’s easy and fast, whether you want to send 100 or 100,000 messages.


Easy and quick

We have a ready-to-run platform that makes it easy for NGOs to start collecting donations via SMS.

Cheapest on the market

We place great emphasis on this solution being available to everyone. Therefore, the fee is only 3%, which goes directly to 4T.

Tailor-made solution

Organizations can customize this solution to their own needs. Our team is ready to find the best solution for your organization.


– No commission on donations via SMS (4T still takes their 3%).

– Keywords for less than DKK 100 pr. pcs.

– Bulk / Outbound SMS from DKK 0,25