PayGate - online platform for gathering donations

PayGate enables organisations to start gathering donations in the blink of an eye.

What is PayGate?

PayGate is an online platform for fundraising.

It gives you the possibility to gather both one-time and recurring donations, using a lot of different payment methods, running fundraising campaigns through multiple channels and serving as a CRM for all your donors, agreements and payments.

With PayGate you can:

  • Gather donations across multiple channels – manually created in PayGate’s interface, online forms, SMS, Facebook
  • Keep track of performance in real-time and with our visual reports
  • Create win-back flows for the doners you miss or lose

Payment methods

PayGate supports variety of payment methods in Denmark and/or Finland

Why PayGate?

Fast and easy

We have a ready platform which makes it extremely easy for you to start gathering donations. Get onboarded within a day.

Many donation channels

Gather donations through our platform, your website, Facebook, SMS, and more.


You can integrate with PayGate in many ways - API, webhooks, iframes - we have it all.

Low cost - High return on investment (ROI)

Quick, reliable and friendly customer service

Continuous development to face your needs and requirements

Manage your customer relationships with PayGate

Several add on features to choose from

Intuitive and user friendly interface

Choose the right products

Our range of products has you covered on any way you wish to take.

PayGate Subscriptions

Donations through MobilePay Subscriptions

PayGate Collect

SMS triggered donations

PayGate Flow

SMS powered winback campaigns

PayGate Onboard

PayGate features for Online Fundraising clients

PayGate Invoice

Invoice your customers through MobilePay Invoice

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