Digital fundraising and donation management platform

What is PayGate?

PayGate is an online platform for fundraising.

It gives you the possibility to gather both one-time and recurring donations, use a lot of different payment methods, run fundraising campaigns through multiple channels and serves as a CRM for all your donors, agreements and payments.


more donations through PayGate in 2020 compared to 2019

Fast and easy

We have a ready platform which makes it extremely easy for you to start gathering donations. Get onboarded within a day.

Many donation channels

Gather donations through our platform, your website, Facebook, SMS, and more.


You can integrate with PayGate in many ways – API, webhooks, iframes – we have it all.

Powerful add-ons

Choose from a lot of add-ons to supercharge your fundraising campaigns and maximize your ROI.

How it works?

PayGate makes your fundraising a breeze, giving you room for flexibility and customization at the same time.

Choose your acquisition channels

Choose the channels through which you will reach your potential donors – SMS, email, landing page, iframe, SoMe, API, etc.

Add your payment methods

Enable your favorite payment methods on each channel – PayGate supports all the popular ones like MobilePay, Betalingsservice, credit card, ApplePay and many more.

See donations arriving in PayGate

Now your donors can onboard themselves and you will see donations in PayGate coming in real time.


PayGate also integrates with leading telemarketing, F2F and CRM software like:

  • Adversus
  • LeadDesk
  • Evergiving
  • IntraManager
  • SalesForce
  • MS Dynamics CRM
  • Etc.

But on top of that, our REST API and Webhooks provide the possibility of integrating with any other TM, F2F, CRM system and virtually any kind of 3rd party application.

Powerful add-ons

Choose from a lot of add-ons to supercharge your fundraising campaigns and maximize your ROI.


Let people start their donations by sending an SMS


Keep your donors by giving them the option to donate less


Set up win-back campaigns that help you retain your donors


Standalone landing pages where you can onboard new donors


Advanced statistics solution for your MobilePay MyShop payments


A standalone platform for invoicing your customers through MobilePay Invoice

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