Landing page

Custom landing page for gathering donations outside of your website

What is Landing page?

PayGate Landing page is a solution that gives you the possibility to collect donations not only through your website.

It is a stanadalone custom developed page and that’s why it is very easy to maintain and update as it has no connection to your main website.

It is also very easy to spread this landing page by sharing the unique URL on various social media, mails, ads, etc.

Customizable design

Our Landing page has a proven out-of-the-box layout and design, but we can also use your custom design.

Multiple payment methods

Not only can we offer the donor to pick from multiple payment methods supported, but we can also offer them to choose one-time or recurring donation.

PayGate support

All donations made through your landing page will be visible for you in PayGate where you can manage them like all your other agreements.

How it works?

Landing page is much like an iframe, but then again so much more.

Creating the landing page

We will create your landing page using our default design or your custom one and we will also set the amounts, payment methods and types of donations you want to offer to your donors.

Donor visits the landing page

Donor will visit the landing page and will go through four simple steps of: choosing amount, entering personal details, choosing payment method, paying.

You review your donations in PayGate

You will see your landing page donations in your PayGate account and can manage them as you do with all the other agreements.