MyShop Statistics

Advanced statistics solution for your MobilePay MyShop payments

What is MyShop Statistics?

MyShop Statistics is a ready to use platform, integrated with MobilePay MyShop.

The purpose is to provide merchants with statistics that are easy to track, taking advantage of MobilePay MyShop, without the need for custom development and integration.

Our web interface offers all the features that are available for MobilePay MyShop, but moreover, we have extended these so that we accommodate the requirement we see.

Additional statistics available

MyShop Statistics will present you with more metrics, beautiful charts and comparison features.

Consolidating all your payment points

We take the data from all your payment points and crunch it, so that you have your reports reflecting on all your data.

Usable not only within PayGate

MyShop Statistics is a standalone tool and can be used not only by PayGate clients, but by any MobilePay merchant, regardless if they have an integrator or not.

Dynamic widgets

Create two types of widgets which you can then place on your website to show dynamic data to your website visitors on how your payment points are performing.

Available features

Here’s a list of all the features that you can use in MyShop Statistics.


  • Track statistics over custom data range
  • Filter by one or more payment points
  • Visualize income with our charts
  • Save your views for quick access


  • Compare the income on up to 5 payments points
  • Filter by date range


  • See a complete list of individual transactions


  • Create widgets which you can embed on 3rd party websites
  • Two types of widgets:
    • Chart – showing income stats on a chart
    • Live view – showing total income and live updates when you get more payments