PayGate Collect

Let people start their donations by sending an SMS

What is PayGate Collect?

The PayGate Collect add-on makes it possible for customers to be engaged through different social media, and make agreement creation as easy as clicking an ad or sending short keyword SMS to a short number.

Onboard donors by SMS

Let your donors send SMS containing your keyword to a shortcode and automatically start their agreement.

Social media ready

Make your social media ads automatically open the user’s SMS app, so they only have to click Send.

Collect additional information

If you need additional information from your donors, they will be presented with a form to fill and terms to accept.

How it works?

PayGate Collect is a simple but powerful concept as it gives you yet another acquisition channel.

Choose your keywords

Choose a keyword that your donors will be sending to our shortcode number.

Choose what subscription to trigger

You can now pick things like amount, frequency, start date, etc. for the subscription that will be created when a keyword is received.

Optionally gather additional information

If you need more than just the phone number of the donor, instead of creating the agreement straight away, we can send them a link to a page where they will first have to fill in additional personal information.

See donations arriving in PayGate

Now your donors can onboard themselves and you will see donations in PayGate coming in real time.

See PayGate Collect in action

Send PAYGATE to 1204 and try it out for yourself!