PayGate Flow

Setup win-back campaigns that help you retain your donors

What is PayGate Flow?

The PayGate Flow add-on makes it possible for you to send automated SMS to your donors whenever their agreement transitions to a specific status.

You can leverage this to welcome donors when their agreement becomes Accepted, send reminders when their agreement has been Pending for a long time, and most importantly send SMS when their agreement gets Cancelled to try to win them back.

Automated SMS sending

Automatically send SMS to your donors when agreement status changes.

Separate configuration for each status

You can create separate flows for each agreement status – fx. send SMS only when agreement becomes Expired.

One flow per campaign

Create as many flows as you want and attach each one to a campaign in PayGate.

Fully customizable

You can customize:

  • SMS text
  • Time of sending – fx. 24hrs after status change
  • DND – do not disturb time
  • Number of SMS – from 1 to 4 on each status

Detailed reports

Check the performance of your Flows in our dashboard and see how many donors it has helped you convert.

How it works?

PayGate Flow is a versatile add-on as you can use it for different cases, but in all of them it’s empowering the communication with your donors.

Create a campaign

Create a campaign in which you can put your agreements and then setup a flow for only that campaign.

Or you can setup a flow for all your agreements, regardless of campaign.

Choose the statuses that trigger SMS

Depending on what you want to achieve, you can pick one or more agreement statuses that will trigger an SMS to be sent out.

Compose your custom SMS texts

Now you can write the SMS text to send and the best part is you can have different texts for the different statuses.

On top of that, you can also merge different fields in the texts – e.g. the agreement confirmation link when sending a reminder SMS for a Pending agreement.

Pick sending times

You can now pick when the SMS should be sent – it can be immediately as the agreement changes its status, but you can also set a delay.

Moreover, you can also setup a DND (do not disturb) times where PayGate Flow will only queue SMS and send them after the DND is over.