PayGate Invoice

A standalone platform for invoicing your customers through MobilePay Invoice

What is PayGate Invoice?

The PayGate Invoice is an online billing platform integrated with MobilePay Invoice.

It makes it possible to send invoices to any customer that uses MobilePay, receive the payments and track invoice status in real time.

Create invoices in less than 1 minute

It only takes a minute to create a customer with only phone number required and fill in an invoice to send to them.

Send invoices in bulk

With our import feature you upload a CSV file with customers and send invoices to all of them at once.

Real-time status tracking

As soon as an invoice is accepted/paid you will see the status changed in PayGate Invoice, giving you an instant overview of whether your customers have paid.

How it works?

PayGate Invoice is a simple but powerful concept as it is possibly the fastest way to invoice your customers and get paid.

Create a customer

Create a customer by setting phone, names and address – but really only phone is required.

Create an invoice and send it

Create an invoice on the customer you created by filling in invoice data, such as dates, reference, invoice lines, etc.

Customer gets a push notification

As long as your customer has the MobilePay app, they will receive a push notification with the new invoice.

Customer approves and pays

Customer clicks the push notification and he can then approve or pay straight away the invoice in his MobilePay app.

Invoice marked as paid

As soon as your customer pays, the invoice will be marked as paid in your invoices overview in PayGate Invoice.

See PayGate Invoice in action

Visit one of the demo pages below to create a real invoice on yourself.
Please note that it is a real invoice and you will be billed the corresponding amount should you decide to pay the invoice.