Keep your donors by giving them the option to donate less

What is SaveDesk?

SaveDesk is a simple solution for offering alternative options instead of cancelling a MobilePay agreement. It gives the customer an option to downgrade, switch plan or even pause their subscription agreement for a period of time – instead of cancelling it altogether.

The landing page, where the customer is redirected, is fully customizable and can be designed according to specific needs. 

It is an external tool, which means that the merchant does not have to be integrated with PayGate. It can be used with any other integrator (or without such) as well.

Increase retention rate

By using SaveDesk you can increase your retention rate by offering your donors alternative options to cancelling.

Custom alternatives to cancellation

We can implement different types of alternatives such as downgrading amount, pausing agreement, switch plans, etc.

Custom design for landing page

Your SaveDesk landing page is a completely custom solution and as such we can implement any design requirements.

Usable not only within PayGate

As an external tool, SaveDesk can be used not only as an add-on by PayGate clients, but also by any MobilePay merchant regardless if they have integrator or not.

How it works?

SaveDesk is possible because of a feature offered by MobilePay Subscriptions – namely cancel redirect URL – which allows for removing the cancellation option in the MobilePay app and replacing it with Manage agreement option.

Setting your SaveDesk page on all your agreements

Once we develop your SaveDesk landing page we will set it as the cancel redirect URL on all your agreements, effectively removing the cancel option in the donor’s MobilePay app and replacing it with “Manage agreement” option.

Donor clicks "Manage agreement"

When the donor clicks the “Manage agreement” button in their MobilePay app, they will be redirected to your SaveDesk page.

Donor is presented with your SaveDesk page

On the SaveDesk page we will present your static texts and graphics and then offer the donor to cancel the agreement (which we are obliged to do) or pick one of the alternatives – e.g. downgrade to a lower amount.

Donor cancels or picks an alternative

If the donor cancels, the agreement will be cancelled and the donor will be redirected to a page on your company’s website or be shown a success message.

If the donor for example downgrades amount, the agreement will be updated and the donor will pay the lesser amount from next due date.