Use cases

PayGate – platform for online fundraising in many ways…

Use email or snail mail to reach your potential donors

PayGate can facilitate gathering donations by reaching out to donors on email or snail mail.

How it works:

  1. You provide us a list (fx. Excel) of potential donors and their contact details.
  2. We prepare the unique URLs each one should visit to start their donation agreement.
  3. With emails, you can simply place those URLs in the email content, while with snail mail we will provide QR codes which you can print and the donors can scan.

Use SMS to reach your potential donors

You can engage with your potential donors on SMS too.

There are many ways how this can work:

  1. You provide us a list of donors, and we send SMS with link to start their donation
  2. You choose a SMS keyword, which the donors can send to our shortcode number to start their donation.
    • Send “LASTCALL” to 1212
  3. We give you a URL, which you can advertise on social media, and which will automatically open the donor’s SMS application with your keyword pre filled and ready to send (no typing needed from the donor)

Use landing pages to reach your potential donors

Reaching out to potential donors on the Internet is a channel you shouldn’t miss out on, so we’ve got you covered.

There are two ways how this can work:

  • We can create forms ready for you to place on your website. We can customize their looks and functionality in anyway you want, but the important thing is that you don’t need your own developers for this.
  • We can create landing pages for your different fundraising campaigns. Your potential donors can then visit this page and choose from the different options for starting a new donation to you.

Integrate with any CRM, TM, F2F or other system you already use

Through the use of our API and Webhooks, we can integrate PayGate with any external TM, F2F or CRM system that you use, making sure that you never miss on new donors, failed payments, etc.

Not only can we send data to your system (by using webhooks), but we can also make it possible for you to initiate agreements from within your system (by using our API)

The integration capabilities are really endless and will make you feel like PayGate has always been there for you.

Increase retention or run winback campaigns

Gathering donors is one thing, retaining them is even harder and winning back lost ones is a whole other game.

PayGate can assist you with these very important things as well.

What can it do:

  • Send automated SMS to your donors whenever they cancel an agreement or don’t accept a new one for too long – giving them a chance to reconsider or simply remind them.
  • Present alternative options to your donors when they wish to cancel – we will prepare a landing page where you can give them the chance to, reduce the donation amount or postpone the next payment, instead of cancelling.


We can also run special campaigns where you can sell gift cards for different fundraising or awareness campaigns.

For example, people donating will actually be giving you the funds for planting a new tree to help saving the planet’s climate.

They can then send this gift card to a friend of theirs, which is a great present for any occasion and helps you make a bigger impact at the same time.