Reepay plugins

Plugins for Reepay enhancing your experience.

Why we built Reepay Plugins?

We love Reepay’s product and are working in close collaboration which has led to multiple plugins developed by us for Reepay. All of which enrich your experience as a merchant providing features that you would be otherwise lacking in your daily work with Reepay.

Scroll down to see a full list of the Reepay plugins we’ve built.


Fast and easy

Reepay is a ready platform, easy to onboard on and even easier to use.

Multiple payment methods

Reepay supports multiple payment methods to choose from.


Reepay API and webhooks allow for unlimited integrations, which we’ve used to build our plugins.

Supported in PayGate

Our digital fundraising platform PayGate supports Reepay by offering it as one of the many payment methods to gather donations. For more info check out our PayGate page.


These are the plugins that we offer as a SaaS solutions, but we have developed many custom ones for specific client needs, so don’t hesitate to let us know what you need and we will help.


The only self-service platform for Reepay clients.


Custom landing pages offering more options than the default Reepay ones.


Connect your Reepay Subscriptions to ChartMogul and sync data seamlessly.


… making your customers able to gift a subscription to another person.


Migrate your existing customers (incl. credit card info and subscriptions) from any other payment provider to Reepay.


Get all the statistical insight you need on your Reepay Subscriptions.