Reepay plugins

Here we list various plugins we have developed for Reepay, which help improve their service and provide more value to you.

Our plugins

Reepay Self-Service

The only self-service platform for Reepay clients

Reepay Landing Pages

Custom landing pages for Reepay, which can be customized as per your needs. Something which you cannot achieve with the default Reepay hosted pages.

Reepay Subscriptions for WooCommerce

Plugin for WooCommerce that makes it possible to sell subscription products by using only WooCommerce and Reepay Subscriptions. No need for WooCommerce Subscriptions or any other subscription plugin for WordPress.

Reepay - ChartMogul connector

This plugin connects your Reepay account with the subscription data platform ChartMogul. All your Reepay customers and payments will flow seamlessly into ChartMogul where you can consolidate it in your reports and analysis.

Reepay Statistics

This plugin makes it possible to view statistics data on Reepay one-time payments - i.e Reepay Checkout.