HelpGate - the only self-service platform for Reepay clients

HelpGate is a self-service platform where end consumers can login and manage their Reepay purchased subscriptions at a specific merchant.

Who is it made for?

HelpGate is designed for companies using Reepay’s services.

We created with the goal to help those of you that have a large base of subscribers, but no time to manage their subscription plans.

What can it do?

  • Custom sub-domain at branded with your logo
  • No signup for customers, they login with OTP
  • View subscriptions
  • Edit subscriptions – change next billing date, cancel, put on hold, reactivate
  • Add subscriptions
  • Add credit cards
  • View and print invoices
  • Update profile data
  • All the actions that your customers can perform can be enabled or disabled individually
  • Multi-language support for English and Danish

Why use it?

  • By giving your customers the means to manage their subscriptions themselves, you are saving time for the more important things in your business.
  •  There is no similar Reepay tool on the market

Are you interested?

References and demo can be provided on request.