Reepay Landing Pages

Reepay Landing Pages is a solution providing you with the possibility to have customized landing pages for Reepay instead of using the default Reepay hosted one

Who is it made for?

Reepay Landing pages is made for those Reepay clients that need more flexibility and customisation to their Reepay signup pages than what Reepay offers with their hosted pages.

What can it do?

Since these landing pages are custom developed for the client, there is no limitation to the possibilities of what can be done on them, but here are the most popular uses:

  • Custom design
  • Custom form fields
  • Combine subscription plans in one page
  • Tracking integration

Why use it?

  • By having a custom landing page for Reepay, you can make it your own – matching your company design.
  • Track conversions
  • Make the signup forms fit your needs
  • Make the signup forms ask only the needed information from your customers
  • There is no similar Reepay tool on the market

Are you interested?

References and demo can be provided on request.