Reepay - ChartMogul Connector

Connect your Reepay Subscriptions to ChartMogul and sync data seamlessly

What is Reepay - ChartMogul connector?

Reepay – ChartMogul connector is a plugin which allows syncing of data from Reepay to ChartMogul. You can then take advantage of ChartMogul’s exceptional subscription data processing features and keep track of all the important performance metrics you might need.

This plugin is useful not only to those who have ChartMogul and Reepay already, but also those that are looking for the right tool (i.e. ChartMogul) to analyze their subscriptions data.

Customers sync

Every new customer is going to be created in ChartMogul straight away.

Invoices sync

All your settled invoices are synced to ChartMogul, which in turn is creating the right subscriptions on your customers.

Cancelled and expired subscriptions sync

We are also syncing cancelled and expired subscriptions of course.

Refunds and failed payments sync

While not everyone might need this in their data analysis, we sync it as well, for a complete picture.

How it works?

Connect your Reepay account with a specific data source in ChartMogul and watch the magic happen.

Invite to use your Reepay and ChartMogul accounts

We’ll setup all the needed details so that Reepay can pass data to ChartMogul.

Import all-time data

Since the syncing will work only from the day it’s launched, you will miss on the historical data you might have in Reepay. But we’ve made it possible to optionally do an import of all-time Reepay data to your ChartMogul account, so that you don’t have any gaps.