Reepay - ChartMogul connector

Reepay – ChartMogul connector is a plugin which allows syncing of data from Reepay to ChartMogul.

Who is it made for?

Companies that use ChartMogul as a subscription statistics platform and also using Reepay Subscriptions, and want to consolidate the Reepay subscription sales data into their ChartMogul data.

What can it do?

The extent of the features that you will get from using this plugin is basically the features you will get from ChartMogul, as this plugin simply feeds data to ChartMogul.

The data that you will get synced to ChartMogul is:

  • Customers
  • Settled invoices
  • Cancelled subscription
  • Expired subscription

Why use it?

  • Consolidate your Reepay subscription sales data into your ChartMogul account
  • There is no other similar solution on the market

Are you interested?

References and demo can be provided on request.