Reepay Checkout Statistics

View statistics data on Reepay one-time payments – i.e. Reepay Checkout.

What is Reepay Statistics?

This platform is for those using Reepay Checkout for handling single payments.

Reepay Checkout is not offering statistical data on your payments out of the box, so we created this little platform to offer you insight on your sales performance.

There is no other statistics solution for Reepay one-time payments, so try our tool out and find when your sales are less performant so that you can increase your sales efforts correspondingly.

Payments data

  • Number of payments
  • Average payment amount
  • Number of refunds 
  • Average number of payments per weekday/hour

Payment methods share

  • Number of payments by payment method
  • Number of payments by amount

Turnover figures

  • Turnover
  • Average turnover per weekday/per hour

Comparison features

  • Turnover difference from previous period

How it works?

You can onboard within a couple of hours – it’s that easy.

Get an account from us and send us your API keys

We’ll create an account for you and then ask you to send us your Reepay API keys (we’ll help you find them). After that you are ready to login.

Dig into your sales performance statistics

All your Reepay data will now beging to sync and within minutes you will be able to go through all the statistics our platform has to offer.