Reepay Gift Card for Subscriptions

… making your customers able to gift a subscription to another person

What is Reepay Gift Card for Subscriptions?

Gift card for subscriptions is a solution which allows people to buy and send a gift card for a subscription you offer through Reepay Subscriptions.

The sender pays in advance for the subscription period, while the receiver gets a free subscription once he redeems his gift card.

Upfront payment

You get all the income upfront for the whole duration of the subscription.

Gain new customers

Later you have a chance of converting the gift card receiver to a regular paying subscriber.

Collect more orders

You get more orders, because people will have bigger incentive to purchase when doing it as a gift for their close ones.

How it works?

We create a landing page for gift card purchasing and you only need to link to it from your website.

What type of subscriptions you want to sell is entirely up to you.

Customer visits your website

The customer visits your website and gets redirected to our landing page, where the gift card can be purchased.

Customer fills in the information

The customer fills in required information, gets an order summary and pays.

We send a certificate to the reciver

The receiver gets a PDF gift card on email which he can then redeem in order to start their free subscription.

Convert receiver to paying customer

When the gifted subscription expires we will send an email to the receiver asking him if he wants to start their own paid subscription with you.