Reepay Landing Pages

Custom landing pages offering more options than the default Reepay ones

What is Reepay Landing Pages?

Reepay Landing Pages are custom landing pages for Reepay built by us that can be customised as per your needs, which cannot be achieved with the default Reepay hosted pages.

Since these landing pages are custom developed for the client, there is no limitation to the possibilities of what can be done on them.

Custom design

Out of the box we offer the same design as Reepay, but otherwise can completely customize the design of your page.

Custom form fields

If you need to gather more data or don’t need all the fields that Reepay has in their default page, then this is for you.

Combine your plans in one page

No need for different page for each subscription plan, we can combine them for you in one ultimate landing page.

Tracking integration

Want to track conversions? We got you covered – we can add any tracking code to your landing page.

Custom data validation

Need to change which fields are required or perhaps validate addresses through DAWA – that’s where our solution shines.

How it works?

It works in the way that YOU need it to – it’s a custom landing page developed especially for you without any limitations.

Let us know your requirements

Send us your idea or the issue you have with the default Reepay landing pages and we’ll discuss with you the best way to handle that.

Review our offer

We will estimate the development efforts for your requirements after which you can let us start the work.

Spread out your new landing page

Once we are done you can start spreading your new custom landing page in all the channels you use.