Migration to Reepay

Moving all your customers, credit card info and subscriptions to Reepay.

What is migration to Reepay?

This service of ours is for those of you that have finally decided to make the switch to Reepay.

Of course you have existing customers, saved credit card information and lots of subscriptions – and you want these in your new Reepay setup.

We will make sure to migrate these for you.

Retain all customers and subscriptions

All your customers and subscriptions will be moved to Reepay and continue to be billed from there.

Seamless experience for your customers

Your customers will not receive any emails and will not be asked to do anything. The migration is silent.

How it works?

All we need is a list of customers and subscriptions from you that we should migrate.

Setup your Reepay account

First you will need your new Reepay account to be all setup with a credit card acquirer and all your subscription plans created.

Provide us a list of customers and subscriptions

We will need this to create the right records in Reepay and assign to the corresponding subscription plan in Reepay.

Request credit card transfer

Make a request to your old payment provider to provide a credit card export to Reepay.

Finalizing the migration

After Reepay receives the credit card export, they will contact us and provide the details we need in order to import these, which will finalize the migration process.