Reepay Self-service

The only self-service platform for Reepay clients


What is Reepay Self-service?

Reepay self-service is a platform where end consumers can log in and manage their Reepay purchased subscriptions at a specific merchant.

We created this subscription management platform to help those of you that have a large base of subscribers, but no time to manage their plans.

No signup needed

Your subscribers can login (with OTP) without the need to signup first.

Manage profile data and credit cards

Update profile data and view/add credit cards ensuring always up to date information for the merchant.

Manage subscriptions

You can: view your subscriptions, edit them and add new ones.

Disable/enable features

All the actions that subscribers can perform can be enabled/disabled individually.

View invoices

View complete list of invoices made in the past and conviniently print them.

How it works?

In a few simple steps you’ll have your self-service platform running and saving you countless hours of support time.

Choose your subdomain

Choose a subdomain at branded with your company logo.

Choose which features to enable

Decide which features yours subscribers should be able to use – e.g. you can disallow them to cancel their subscription, but allow them to put it on hold.

Choose language

Reepay self-service is a multi-lingual platform supporting both Danish and English, so we can set either for you.

Give the chosen URL to your subscribers

Add a link to your Reepay self-service login page on your website, in your subscription welcome emails, etc.

Let your subscribers do the rest

Your subscribers can now login with their email, phone or customer handle without the need to signup first. We will simply send them a one time passcode (OTP) on email or SMS.

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