Reepay SMS Dunning

Send dunning notifications on SMS to your subscribers.

What is Reepay SMS Dunning?

Do you want to have an option to send dunning notifications to your customers via both- email and SMS? With Reepay SMS dunning it is possible! 

Reepay SMS dunning is a solution that allows its users to send notifications about failed subscription payments to their subscribers via SMS and/or email.

Easy setup

The existing email dunning scheme is copied to the SMS dunning scheme making the initial setup fast and easy.

Set up intervals

Possibility to choose the intervals, grace period, and the final action in your dunning scheme.

Custom SMS text

Set a custom SMS text, which can also be different for every interval.

How it works?

It is a very convenient solution for those who want to reach their subscribers also by SMS.

Connect to your existing Reepay account

Log in with your account credentials and connect your Reepay account by setting up your Reepay private API key.

Clone your email dunning scheme

Fetch the existing email dunning scheme from your Reepay account and clone it to an SMS dunning scheme. After the initial setup is finished, edit your scheme settings and you are ready to go.

Create a new dunning scheme

Experiment with diverse dunning schemes if you would like to try out different notification contents. You can do that by setting up multiple dining schemes and choosing which one should be used.