Reepay Statistics

This plugin makes it possible to view statistics data on Reepay one-time payments – i.e Reepay Checkout.

Who is it made for?

If you use Reepay Checkout for your customers to make one-time payments to you, then this solution is for you.

What can it do?

The plugin calculates a lot of different metrics among which:

  • Number of payments
  • Average payment amount
  • Turnover
  • Number of refunds 
  • Turnover difference
  • Average turnover per weekday/per hour
  • Average number of payments per weekday/hour
  • Number of payments by payment method
  • Number of payments by amount

Why use it?

  • There is no other statistics solution for Reepay one-time payments
  • Gain the insight you need on your sales performance
  • Find when your sales are less performant and increase your sales efforts correspondingly

Are you interested?

References and demo can be provided on request.