Reepay Subscriptions for WooCommerce

This plugin for WordPress makes it possible to use Reepay Subscriptions with your WooCommerce and sell your subscription products, without the need for any other plugins (fx. WooCommerce Subscriptions).

Who is it made for?

This WordPress plugin is made for those of you that have both a WooCommerce website and Reepay Subscriptions and want to connect them.

What can it do?

  • Create Subscription products in WooCommerce
  • Sell your subscriptions by connecting each to your Reepay Subscription plans
  • Handle shipping costs through Reepay too
  • Sell Reepay add-ons with your subscriptions
  • Use your Reepay discount codes in WooCommerce
  • Automatic WooCommerce orders created with each next subscription payment
  • Sell subscription products, but also a mix of subscription and one-time products

Why use it?

  • There is no other WooCommerce plugin that works with Reepay Subscriptions
  • You can start selling your Reepay subscriptions through WooCommerce
  • You don’t need other additional plugins

Are you interested?

References and demo can be provided on request.