PayGate Subscriptions

Probably the easiest way for your customers to make recurring payments to you by using MobilePay Subscriptions.


Here’s a list of the biggest features that come with our core product.


Create invoices in less than 1 minute

After you login in PayGate, it only takes 2 clicks and filling in the contact details of the subscriber to create an agreement for them.

Real-time status tracking

After the subscriber accepts the agreement, in just a few seconds you will see the status of the agreement updated in PayGate.


We customize your account to suit your needs. Some of the things we can customize for you are:

  • SMS texts
  • Agreement expiration timeout
  • Failed payments grace period
Detailed reports

Our visual reports contain all the important statistics on your agreements/payments performance. Some of the key figures are:

  • Active agreements
  • Number of payments
  • Income
  • Dropouts
  • Number of agreements which pay
  • % agreements which don’t pay
  • Amount on average payment
  • Payments rejected
  • Retention
  • Etc.

Categorize your agreements into campaigns for easier reporting and performance tracking.

What do you get?

PayGate Invoice gives you the basics for sending an invoice, but also a bit more

Account to login with in PayGate

We create your account and first user to use when logging into PayGate platform.

Priority support for getting started

We will assist you on every step of the onboarding process and getting started with MobilePay Invoice.

One free iframe to place on your website

We will setup one standard iframe for gathering donations with MobilePay Subscriptions, which you can place on your website.

Access to our API

You can use our REST API to integrate with PayGate in any way you want.

Access to webhooks

Our webhooks can notify your system about any new or updated agreements and/or payments.

Are you interested?