Custom solutions

We start from the end results that have to be achieved.


Our custom PHP solutions will get you anything you need – you just name it.


Simply speaking, AngularJS is front-end on steroids. It’s a flexible front-end framework that allows us to make highly interactive interfaces without the need for page reloads.


As the most modern PHP framework, it has a lot breakthrough features, that allow our developers to work faster than ever, without compromising on quality. On the contrary, our solutions become better and more secure than ever.

Zend Framework

The Zend Framework is the old kid in the block. It’s been here forever and it’s here to stay. Although we prefer other PHP frameworks, when the applications are of corporate sizes and their life span is into the distant future, we would rather go with this giant.


If you want to be in full control of the content on your website, this is for you.


Wordpress probably needs no introduction. But not to disappoint – it’s the most popular CMS out there, and is as flexible as it gets. It can be used for blogs, company websites, e-commerce shops, custom web applications, etc.


Think of Drupal, as WordPress, but quite more modular. We recommend Drupal, when the websites are with more standard functions, but bigger than the normal WordPress site.


Joomla has lost its appeal in the recent years, but we do have developers that can support your site, or even build you a new one, if you insist on this CMS.


The CMS for Windows servers built in .NET. It’s everything you can expect from a CMS and it has outstanding popularity across big corporate sites.

Mobile apps

If you want to succeed, you have to dive into the mobile devices ocean.


iPhone and iPad apps – no problem, we have you covered.


You love that big green robot, right? We do too. He’s our friend and we know how to make apps that he can “chew chew”.