Mobile apps

Even though it is not what we focus on, we do care for the mobile users as well, no matter if they decided to go Android, iOS or even Windows.

A mobile app can be a better choice than a website today

With most people browsing and operating only on their smartphones and not Desktop computers, in some cases you might be better going for a mobile app instead of a Desktop web application.

Which one to choose?


iOS apps while overtaken by Android as market share are still one of the two most popular choices for native apps, since it’s the only way to support Apple devices natively.


Android apps have gained a lot of speed in last years. And with the majority of people now having Android based smartphones, you cannot go without an Android app.


Hybrid apps are apps built with technologies (like Phonegap, Ionic, etc.) that allow one code base to be transformed in apps for multiple mobile devices.

Web app

PWA (Progressive web apps) are the new kid on the block. Still in their early stages and support is not great, but they offer a lot of advantages of regular web apps, such as offline mode, blazing fast speeds, etc.