We are official partners of Betalingsservice

What is it?

Betalingsservice is a popular payment method in Denmark, where the creditor (merchant) can make direct debits (i.e. withdrawals) through MasterCard Payment Services (formerly PBS) from the customer’s (donor’s) bank account.

Betalingsservice works with agreements (mandates) and payments.

Essentially, a mandate is created between the merchant and the donor for allowing payments to be done from the donor to the merchant.

After a mandate is created, payments can be requested by the merchant from the donor.

Direct debits

Payments are made directly from the customer’s bank account to the merchant’s bank account.


The power of Betalingsservice lies in the possibility to setup mandates between the customer and the merchant and perform recurring payments.

Fast onboarding

Any Danish citizen with a bank account can pay with Betalingsservice without the need to signup for any 3rd party services.

Easy migration

If you already are using Betalingsservice with another data supplier, you can easily switch to Rainbow Riders without your customers ever noticing.

How it works?

Sign an agreement with Betalingsservice

As a merchant you need to sign an agreement with Betalingsservice for using their service. Additionally you can also sign an agreement to use their Betalingsservice API (read further)

Choose a data supplier

As an official partner of Betalingsservice, Rainbow Riders is what is called a data supplier. We will assist you in integrating Betalingsservice as a payment method in your solutions.

Onboard customers

There are two ways to onboard new customers:

  • If the customer has the e-Boks app, he simply needs to provide his CPR number. After that the customer accepts the mandate in their e-Boks app.
  • If the customer doesn’t have the e-Boks app, he needs to provide CPR, bank account number and registration number. After that the mandate is automatically created without the need for the customer to accept it.

Gather payments

Once you have a mandate with a customer, your data supplier (Rainbow Riders) can start requesting payments for you on regular intervals defined by you.


Through the use of Betalingsservice API we at Rainbow Riders are taking advantage of the simplified process of creating a new mandate where the customer only needs to provide their CPR number.

Betalingsservice API version 3 makes this a reliable process through the introduction of the e-Boks app as an onboarding channel.

From there on it is our job as your data supplier to help you integrate Betalingsservice in any of your existing systems or even provide you with onboarding forms that you can place on your website, for example.


nofipa ApS

Nofipa decided to start using Betalingsservice as a payment method on their service PANTSAT.DK.

Since we had added support for Betalingsservice API, it was really easy to get them onboarded, as they only needed to sign an agreement with Betalingsservice and appoint us as their data supplier.

Now they create new mandates easier than ever with the help of the Betalingsservice API which we are taking advantage of.


UlykkesPatientForeningen needed to improve their membership purchase flow and introduce more possibilities in it.Among other payment methods, Betalingsservice was also part of that flow.

So we successfully integrated with their membership management platform (Membercare) to pass Betalingsservice payments to be processed by it.

This allowed us to improve their onboarding process while at the same time retaining the actual payment processing they had in place.