MobilePay Invoice

The solution for your invoicing via MobilePay

What is MobilePay Invoice?

MobilePay Invoice is a service by MobilePay which allows you to invoice your customers and let them pay through MobilePay.

a single swipe your customers can accept and pay your invoices like never before.

It’s the ideal solution for any organisation looking to make their invoicing process simpler and more efficient.

Real-time updates

With realtime data you can always see which payments have gone through and which are still pending.

Low costs

Low transaction price from DKK 1.75 to DKK 2.75 – depending on the number of transactions

Better liquidity

Let the customer pay easily with one swipe. 98% pay on time.

Ease of use

Send the bill easily and quickly directly to your customer in MobilePay

How it works?

MobilePay Invoice works really simple which makes it so attractive. As an official integrator for MobilePay we can help you get started with MobilePay Invoice.


Set up your MobilePay Invoice

  • Create an account for your organisation on MobilePay’s website. 
  • Contact one of the official integrators of MobilePay, including Rainbow Riders


You can use MobilePay Invoice in one of three ways:

  • Your integrator will help you add MobilePay Invoice to the systems you use
  • Use MobilePay Invoice from the accounting platform you use, if they have already integrated with MobilePay – for example, Dinero, Billy, etc.
  • In some cases, the integrator might have a ready platform with which you can already send invoices. Our PayGate Invoice platform is the perfect example.

Send invoice

  • Create your customer where you only need to know their phone.
  • Create a new invoice with due date, invoice line items, etc. as needed.
  • Your customer will get a push notification on his phone.
  • Your customer taps the notification and then swipes to accept (and pay) the invoice in his MobilePay app

See your payment

  • Once the customer pays the invoice, you will immediately see it as paid in the platform you have integrated with or are using (as is the case with PayGate Invoice).

See MobilePay Invoice in action

Visit one of the demo pages below to create a real invoice on yourself.
Please note that it is a real invoice and you will be billed the corresponding amount should you decide to pay the invoice.