MobilePay Subscriptions

The solution for your recurring payments via MobilePay

What is MobilePay Subscriptions?

MobilePay Subscriptions is an add-on which allows you to create recurring payment plans for your clients.
With a single swipe your donors can create fully automated recurring payments.

Your donors have full control over when the payments should go through and MobilePay Subscriptions won’t interfere with single payment solutions.

It’s the ideal solution for any organisation looking to make their donor journey easier and more convenient.

Real-time updates

With realtime data you can always see which payments have gone through and which are still pending.

Low costs

Save up to 80% on transaction tariffs.

Multiple avenues

Send a link to your MobilePay Subscriptions page in emails, SMS or as an invoice in E-boks, allowing your donor to create a subscription plan with a single swipe.

Flexible billing periods

You set the billing period and the due dates for your donors.

How it works?

Here is a list of all the features that you can use in MobilePay Subscriptions. As an official integrator for MobilePay we can help you set up a subscription page, quick and easy!

Set up your MobilePay Subscriptions

Landing pages - a new feature

  • Custom landing pages can help you increase conversions.
  • Shareable links can be sent to donors via SMS, email or SoMe campaigns, sending them directly to the MobilePay Subscriptions page in the app.
  • Keep your brand’s style consistent and ensure a seamless donor

Quick and easy donor journey

  • Donor uses a link from either a webpage, an email, an SMS or something entirely different.
  • The link sends donor to the MobilePay app, where they log on.
  • Donor reads through agreement and presses “Next”.
  • Donor confirms the agreement with a right swipe.
  • Done!

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