Wednesday, June 15 th, 2016

What is Slack?

Slack is an instant messaging app which has become increasingly robust because of its constant improvements and integrations. As it turns out email has almost lost its appeal.

Colleagues say no more “Drop me an email, please” but rather use the new cool tech lingo “Slack it to me, mate!”

Slack has introduced their app directory to encourage teams across the world to contribute to their lively, innovative and ever-evolving platform. Slack believes in the custom built – that is their first mover advantage!

As a forward-looking company, we could not stay inactive – we had to step in this slack app challenge. So we created Team Daily Praise.

Why Team Daily Praise?

Rainbow Riders is a remotely working but close-knit team dispersed around Europe. We have discovered different insights into working together since 2006. From our point of view, the pillar of every thriving team is the work ethic.

Being professional and hardworking sometimes does not suffice. Being kind and appreciative can, on the other hand, save the day.

Have you had one of those days when you just need a tap on the shoulder for all the work you have completed? But have your colleagues/boss had the time to do that? Have you felt underestimated because your achievements have hardly ever been acknowledged?
Surely there have been such situations. Team Daily Praise is aimed at teams which would like an easy way to maintain relations nurtured and which share the same values about work attitude.
With Team Daily Praise each of you could praise somebody from your Slack team. Simply type /praise Tom and motivate your colleagues or employees.

Apart from bringing a very positive emotion, Team Daily Praise comes with a bit of a competitive moment. At the end of the work day, you could see who has collected the most praises. And although one person can only commend another once daily, this gesture could unlock their long-awaited productivity and motivation.

What is the application of Team Daily Praise?

As the name suggests, the best use you could make of this app is to praise your team members on a daily basis.

You could praise one colleague once per day, you could pull the praise list for the day, for the previous day, week, month, or even since the app was introduced.

Upper management professionals could also use these lists as points of reference as to whom to promote next 🙂

Please check out the exact commands here.

See Team Daily Praise in the Slack App Directory.

Enjoy and never save on praises! 🙂