Friday, September 30 th, 2016

Still using Excel tables to store your company information?
The hectic pace of the business world will not tolerate this much longer.
Stress, mistakes and pressure will surely start taking a toll.
Information must be secure, as visual as possible, digestible and up to date.

So we created the Dashing Dashboard: e-conomic Dashboard

What is it?

E-conomic Dashboard is a tool we built as an extension to the popular accounting program e-conomic.
It empowers its users absorb information in a more constructive and time-friendly manner.

Here are the features that will make your company’s life healthier, more productive and less time-consuming:

  • e-conomic Dashboard compiles all reports and presents them at a glance
  • It provides you with a list of the unpaid invoices – time to take care of your cash flow
  • It generates a pie chart of the unpaid invoices by due date to be aware and alert to the time frames
  • It shows your current Top 10 customers by turnover – to encourage further engagement with them
  • Statistic data and graphics are available based on Turnover, Contribution Margin, Profit Margin and Results – the very essence of every business
  • It allows you to compare the performance of your company with previous period (months, years): Looking at the past trends might let you foresee what needs doing and what mistakes you should not repeat
  • It presents the average performance of your company – this is the ultimate health-check of your business

Save time, focus your efforts on the right things and chase your payments!

We are all snowed under with work. We have no time for doing one task twice!

The key to being more productive is to use tools that save you time browsing, entering data and fixing mistakes.

Try e-conomic Dashboard now!

NB. To benefit from the numerous advantages of e-conomic dashboard, you should already be a client of e-conomic.